3 Helpful Ways to Prepare for a Tooth Extraction in Anne Arundel County

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Tooth extraction is never fun, but the procedure is easy if you thoroughly prepare.

Do you remember when you lost a tooth as a kid? You would often receive money from the tooth fairy! On the other hand, losing a tooth as an adult is not pleasing. Instead of receiving praise and money, you receive discomfort. Tooth extraction is never fun, but the procedure is easy if you thoroughly prepare. There are several steps to follow to prepare for a tooth extraction.

Share Your Medical History and Ask Questions

Before a tooth extraction procedure, it is essential to share your medical history with your dentist. Ensure to list all of the questions you want to ask your oral surgeon and share the following medical details:

  • Your history of bacterial endocarditis
  • Any congenital heart defect conditions
  • Some mechanical or bio heart valves
  • Liver disease information
  • Details on any artificial joint replacements
  • Details on a compromised immune system

It is also vital to share any existing medications you are using so your dentist can avoid any potential drug interactions. In addition, discuss which anesthesia or sedation will be utilized for your particular treatment.  

Avoid Eating Before Your Tooth Extraction

Moreover, prevent nausea during and after the surgery by not eating anything for at least 12 hours before the procedure. Let your oral surgeon know if you have a health condition that doesn’t permit you to fast, like diabetes. It’s also crucial not to smoke for 12 hours before the extraction and 24 hours after. Smoking after the procedure will slow the healing process and raise your chances of getting a dry socket, which is a severe condition that requires immediate medical attention.  

Arrange Transportation and Care

Furthermore, local anesthesia will affect your reflexes, so you will not be able to drive a vehicle after your procedure. It is essential to organize for a friend or family member to drive you home after your tooth extraction surgery. If that is impossible, plan on taking an uber or hiring a taxi. It would also help if you considered taking some time off from work and asking someone to stay overnight with you. Lastly, we recommend eating a soft diet until your healing process is over.


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