Crowns & Bridge Work

Crowns and Bridge WorkIf a tooth has sustained enough damage or decay to cause you pain or threaten the health of your mouth but not enough to warrant extraction, a crown is a great solution for preventing further problems while preserving much of your real tooth. Crowns are also effective for enhancing your smile by covering cracked or crooked teeth.

Your existing tooth anchors the crown in place while the crown protects the tooth by covering it completely (as opposed to a veneer, which covers just the front of the tooth). We shape the crown specifically for your mouth so that it feels comfortable while offering the most protection.

If you’ve lost a tooth completely, we can use two crowns and a false tooth called a “pontic” to create a bridge that will fill in the gap. We place the crowns over the teeth on either side of the gap. The pontic is then bonded to the two crowns, which hold it in place. The whole process requires multiple visits as we make impressions of your teeth and use them to shape crowns that look and feel just like them. But in the end, you have your full smile back and the ability to speak and eat the way you always have.

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