DenturesDentures remain a popular and effective way for replacing missing teeth. Whether you need a complete set of dentures that replace all of your teeth or a partial set replacing a few teeth, we’ll see you through the process.

We’ll take impressions and precise measurements of your jaw and mouth, which we’ll use to craft a series of trial dentures for you to wear. Ill-fitting dentures can be more of a hindrance than a help, so we use these trial sets to guide us to the perfect fit.

Once you’ve had some time to experiment with the trial set and we’ve made any necessary adjustments, we’ll create your permanent set of dentures. Because we take the time to meet with you over the course of several appointments, we can ensure this final set will fit you comfortably and will look like real teeth.

We offer traditional, cosmetic and implant-supported dentures.

What is Implant Therapy & Why Does It Matter?

Implant therapy requires not only scientific and research-based approaches, but also a clinical and planned approach. This combination works well to ensure that your dental implants will be securely placed so you are able to lead an optimal and healthy lifestyle. By choosing to receive dental implant therapy, you are also choosing to take care of your oral health. Dental implants are very similar to the root of a tooth and are not visible once safely placed. The implant then secures your crown, or dentures, and is made of titanium — meaning the implant is biodegradable and thus safe to use.

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Titanium is important in the process of implant therapy because of its ability to stabilize the bone lost with the tooth. Without the presence of a bone, or support system, your jaw is unable to properly maintain its healthy shape, which can lead to sagging of the face and even the deterioration of the jawbone. If a significant amount of time passes after tooth loss, more bone deterioration will occur, thus making the dental implantation process significantly more difficult on both your mouth and the dentist. Bone grafting can help this by giving the area of the missing tooth the support it needs, ensuring that you will be ready to receive the necessary implants.

How Does Implant Therapy Work?

There are many dental and surgical professionals who contribute to your dental implant therapy, as well as many important steps. This is to make sure that the implants are placed properly and securely so that you may continue to lead a functional, healthy lifestyle. You’ll first need to determine which implant supports you will need, whether it be a bridge, crown, or dentures. The implants will then be placed before the placement of the supports so the bone will have a healthy amount of time to fuse with the implant.

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