Annapolis Dental Care: Treating Dental Abscess

annapolis dental care treating dental abscess

Luckily, there are antibiotics for treating dental abscess!

Dental hygiene is essential, and if you don’t complete routine dental care, then you might face multiple teeth infections that might lead to a dental abscess. This infection is a painful experience in which your teeth or gums develop a collection of pus that can spread to the root. Luckily, there are antibiotics for treating dental abscess! So, quickly consult with our team at Annapolis Dental Care as soon as you experience some dental abscess symptoms such as gum swelling, tooth sensitivity, or unbearable toothache.

The Importance of Treating Dental Abscess

Even though there is medication for treating a dental abscess, they are only prescribed if the infection is delayed or spreads around the root or surrounding teeth. Additionally, your Annapolis dentist might prescribe some antibiotics if you have worse oral health or a weak immune system. If this method doesn’t work out, then you might have to undergo restorative dental procedures such as root canals and crowns to restore your oral condition.

How Fast do Antibiotics Take Effect?

It varies on the severity of a dental abscess and how fast antibiotics provide relief from the tooth infection. Typically, you might notice the difference after three days. However, many antibiotics might completely relieve the dental abscess within two weeks.

Furthermore, how often should you take antibiotics for treating dental abscess? It also depends on the tooth infection’s severity level plus the specific antibiotic that an Annapolis dentist provides for your particular case. In addition, a complete antibiotic course against tooth infection should last up to seven days. Remember not to miss the doses prescribed by your dentist and avoid trying to double the dose to cover the missing dose.

In Conclusion

Dental abscess is a severe case of tooth infection when bacteria has arrived at the root of your tooth, gum, or surrounding teeth. Note that this painful infection is not early; instead, it’s among the last stages where your tooth is almost decayed. Therefore, it’s always best to prevent a dental abscess by brushing twice daily, removing acidic foods, flossing once a day, and changing your brush after four months.


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