Ask Your Annapolis Dentist: What is Calcium Deficiency?

Ask Your Annapolis Dentist: What is Calcium Deficiency?

If you notice any of these problems, don’t just brush them off. You’ll be glad once you ask your Annapolis dentist about them.

Whenever most of us have a question about our dental and oral health, we’d sooner to ask the internet than speaking to our dentist. However, even though the internet can present a wealth of useful information, sometimes it’s better to get your information straight from the sources. You may have heard when you were growing up that calcium is good for your teeth and your bones. So the question is, what is a calcium deficiency? Let’s find out together.

What is It?

The medical name for calcium deficiency is hypocalcemia. It’s a condition where you don’t have high enough levels of calcium in your body, so the common name is spot-on. Without enough calcium in your system, you can start to develop osteoporosis, where your bones and teeth gradually become more brittle. As they become more fragile, they are more likely to break under pressure, however slight. This condition can also be caused by a lack of vitamin D or changes in your body’s hormone levels over time. You might also encounter the problem under the name of osteopenia, a medical condition in which your bones slowly lose their density. This often happens before a diagnosis of full-blown osteoporosis. Being lactose intolerant or choosing a vegan diet can cause you to be too low in calcium.

Common Symptoms

Although it could be misdiagnosed as something else, calcium deficiency is no joke. If you notice any of these problems, don’t just brush them off. You’ll be glad once you ask your Annapolis dentist about them. Here are some of the common symptoms that you may or may not always exhibit:

  • Mouth numbness
  • Hand and feet numbness
  • You can’t swallow
  • Your nails break easily
  • Your teeth start decaying
  • Depression
  • Back pain and stooping

Unfortunately, osteoporosis can also make your jaw hurt. Eventually, your teeth will start moving around more than they should, start to fall out, and will make fitting dentures even more of an ordeal than they have to be.

Improving Your Diet

The best advice that your Annapolis dentist can give you is to eat better. Improving your diet will go a long way towards preserving your teeth, and keeping your tongue and gums healthy. That’s why consuming milk, cheese, salmon, kale, nuts, sesame seeds, broccoli, cereals, and beans can all help you feel better.


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