Ask Your Dentist: What Should You Do After Tooth Extraction?

Ask Your Dentist: What Should You Do After Tooth Extraction?

What should you do while the tooth extraction wounds heal? Let’s find out.

Getting teeth pulled out is a frightening prospect. Even if many procedures go off without a hitch – painless and quick, even, patients are still anxious about the actual appointment. And then comes the aftermath. What should you do while the extraction wounds heal? Let’s find out.

What You Should Do

Get some rest: Resting is essential. The more sleep you get, the faster your body will heal. Remember that after a tooth extraction procedure, your mouth will be vulnerable to diseases that can attack your gums, your teeth, and your overall well being. Avoid exercise and excessive amounts of activity. This will allow your body to focus on healing. Be sure to elevate your head on the pillow, too.

Allow the clotting to happen: Next, sit back and allow the clotting to occur. Clotting is natural, as the holes left behind by the extracted teeth begin to close. Keeping the gauze, your dentist gave you in place will help the clotting go faster.   

Use ice packs: Be careful when you use ice packs. Although the application of cold can help ease the pain, don’t expose too much of it too quickly. You could end up doing more damage to your mouth than you realize. Use the pack on and off every fifteen minutes for an hour or two.

What You Should Avoid

Eating solid food: Eating solid food soon after a tooth extraction is a mistake. Give your mouth more time to recover and avoid asking too much of it. When your mouth is numb, it is much more difficult to chew. In the meantime, seek out soups, yogurt, mashed potatoes, and ice cream – anything soft and relatively mushy that is easier on your jaws.

Rinsing your mouth: Don’t rinse out your mouth right away. Although you will need to do this because you can’t brush, Wait twelve hours or so until you salt rinsing with warm salt water.

Don’t skip your medicine: Finally, make sure that you keep taking your medicine as advised by your doctor and dentist.


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