The Benefits of Flossing Every Day

The Benefits of Flossing Every Day annapolis dental care

If you are brushing your teeth but not flossing, you are not giving your teeth the proper care they deserve.

You have most likely heard your dentist say how important it is to floss your teeth every day. A lot of people say they do, but they do not actually floss as frequently as they should. Preventing gum disease and tooth decay starts at home, not in the dentist’s chair. If you are brushing your teeth but not flossing, you are not giving your teeth the proper care they deserve. Let’s go over some of the benefits of flossing every day.

Flossing Prevents Gum Disease

Flossing between your teeth and under your gums will remove disease-carrying bacteria that make your gums pull away from your teeth. It also prevents bone loss in your teeth and jaw. If you have mild gum disease, cleaning them regularly can help the healthy tissue reattach to your teeth and preserve your teeth and gums for years to come. Without proper care, you may lose your teeth completely due to a lack of support from the gums.

Flossing Removes Plaque

Plaque or tartar is a thin film from food and drink that accumulates around the teeth and gums. This plaque is full of bacteria that release acids that damage your tooth enamel and gums. If the plaque is not removed, it can lead to more serious gum disease. Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease that causes bleeding and sensitivity. Flossing regularly will help remove food particles from in between your teeth and remove plaque built up around the gum line.

Flossing Gives You Fresher Breath

Bacteria that are left to sit in your gums can lead to bad breath. You need to floss daily to make sure you remove any built-up bacteria. With less bacteria hiding under your gums and between your teeth, you will help reduce the cause of unpleasant breath. It will also disrupt bacteria so that it can not harden into dark tartar stains on your teeth.

Flossing Reduces the Risk of Cavities

If you do not clean the bacteria from your gums, it can multiply and spread around your mouth. These bacteria release acids that eat away at the enamel, which is the hard shell covering each tooth. This decay exposes the inner surface of the teeth and makes tiny holes known as cavities.

Over time, the cavities become larger, causing more serious tooth decay and requiring complex treatments. Flossing daily is your best defense against this type of bacterial growth. Brushing alone does not get rid of plaque completely.


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