3 Reasons You Need an Emergency Tooth Extraction

3 Reasons You Need an Emergency Tooth Extraction

Problems with your teeth can be a cause for panic. Here are some of the urgent reasons why you could need an emergency tooth extraction.

Problems with your teeth can be a cause for panic. Sometimes, it has to do with how costly the procedures are, and how you can cover them. But other times, these problems are due to the amount of pain that dental health issues can cause. Here are some of the urgent reasons why you could need an emergency tooth extraction.


Any infection anywhere in your body can be painful. Take an ear infection, for instance. These will only get worse the longer they go untreated. Now think about an infection in your mouth. If your teeth are infected, you will need an emergency tooth extraction. That way, it can keep the infection from reaching other parts of your body that could put your overall health at risk. Extraction is usually the safest method to treat a badly infected tooth. However, it all comes down to the medical opinion of your dentist.


Another good reason for emergency tooth extraction is when it is causing you debilitating amounts of pain. Although getting a tooth pulled can be painful in and of itself (especially when more than one tooth needs to be removed) it will spare you plenty of torment once it’s gone. However, it’s important to follow through with a dental implant. That’s because your teeth will tend to move, and your dentist knows this. If you don’t replace missing teeth quickly enough, your remaining teeth will migrate, which can cause them to fall out of alignment and affect how your smile looks.

Tooth Damage

Tooth decay and damage can happen easily, even if you don’t think it can. For one thing, you could be neglecting your oral health routine, either because you dislike flossing or you can’t remember to use mouthwash. Then there are the times you are just too tired to brush your teeth before you go to bed. Or, in more extreme cases, your teeth have been damaged due to an accident or an injury. In these circumstances, you should inquire about emergency tooth extraction. This procedure becomes more pressing when your teeth are ruined by tooth decay, or gum disease has led to your teeth turning an unsettling color.



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