Choosing the Right Toothbrush


When you’re looking for a new toothbrush at the store, you’ll have a huge variety of choices available to you. And without a doubt, you’ll have many perplexing questions.

Choosing the right toothbrush can make all the difference. For kids, you want to be sure they have the right brush so they don’t get turned off to brushing at an early age. When you’re looking for a new toothbrush at the store, you’ll have a huge variety of choices available to you. And without a doubt, you’ll have many perplexing questions. But never fear, because here is how you can find the brush that’s right for you.

Find Your New Toothbrush

Do the right thing, and take your time. While it may not seem as momentous decision as say, what to wear for your first day of school or how to get dental insurance, the right toothbrush can improve the overall health of your mouth. A healthy mouth helps ensure a healthy body!

  • Make sure it’s approved: Whichever toothbrush you end up choosing, be sure that it has been approved by the American Dental Association. If it has been approved by the ADA, you’ll know you’re making a smart choice. For a toothbrush to be approved, it has to meet certain standards of both safety and quality.
  • Softer bristles can prevent unintentional damage: Prevent unintentional damage to all parts of your mouth. After all, both your teeth and your gums can be irritated and worn down by bristles that are too hard. You could also potentially cause your gums to recede due to this damage. Don’t grind down the protective layer of enamel on your teeth too soon, either.
  • A timeline for replacements: Every three months, you should replace your toothbrush. A brand new brush is more effective at cleaning your mouth than an old and tired one. After recovering from a sickness, you should also replace your current brush. That way, you can prevent yourself from getting sick again. But sometimes, your toothbrush might still be fine after three months. And what do you do if you rarely get sick? The next time you replace your toothbrush might just be when you notice the bristles are breaking down.

Manual or Electric?

Once you’ve decided to get a new brush, you’ve got another important decision to make. Should you choose a manual one or an electric one? Both types have many benefits. In the end, which one you choose depends on which one you prefer. A manual toothbrush is often sufficient but think about this: an electric toothbrush can outperform your hand’s ability to produce brushing motions and clean your teeth. If you’re looking for that energizing minty fresh feeling, consider pairing an electric toothbrush with your favorite brand or flavor of mouthwash. Also consider picking up electric toothbrushes for your kids and for your elderly relatives, as both of these age groups may have trouble using a manual toothbrush to its fullest effect.

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