Common Myths About Gum Disease

Common Myths About Gum Disease annapolis dental care

As scary as going to the dentist can be for some, gum disease can be even scarier.

As scary as going to the dentist can be for some, gum disease can be even scarier. This is made even worse by the fact that there is a lot of misinformation out there! Don’t get worked up if you suspect you may have gum disease and are putting off getting anything done about it. We have the rundown on gum disease and all the myths we see surrounding it so you can be armed with the best information to take care of your dental hygiene in the ways you see fit.

Gum Disease is Rare

The reality is that gum disease is much more common than most people realize. Over half of all adults over the age of 30 develop some form of gum disease. That infection of the tissues holding your teeth in place is caused by plaque, which will build up if you don’t take daily care of your oral hygiene. Eventually, plaque will turn into tartar and begin to damage your healthy gums.

You Will Lose Teeth

It isn’t always the case that you will lose your teeth if you develop something like this. even people with a diagnosis often keep their teeth and bounce back to a healthier oral routine. An experienced dentist should work with you to make a plan of action, including what you can do at home as well as coming in for teeth cleanings.

No Cavities? No Problem!

Even if you have cavities, you may still have periodontal disease impacting your gums. For many, this results in a painless, asymptomatic disease, so it can go unnoticed. Early on, this may express itself as gingivitis. If symptoms are present, red, tender, and swollen gums will be involved. It’s easily reversible at this point, and a dentist will point it out and give you some tips to fix it.

Bad Breath = Gum Disease

While bad breath could indicate gum disease, it could signify plenty of other medical conditions. Instead of scaring yourself, check with your dentist. If nothing seems off with your mouth, they may refer you to your family doctor.

All Diabetics Get It

Diabetes can put you at a greater risk for some health conditions including oral health diseases. However, it’s not always the case that people with diabetes get gum diseases. You must maintain a good oral care routine and check with your dentist regularly.


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