Coping with Tooth Discoloration


In some cases, tooth discoloration may indicate a sign of an underlying medical condition.

Tooth discoloration is a prevalent problem that many people experience. It may occur for various reasons, from natural aging to specific medications. But no worries, there are solutions available. In fact, some of the best cosmetic teeth whitening options from Annapolis Dental Care can restore your smile.

Causes of Tooth Discoloration

One of the common causes of tooth discoloration is consuming certain foods and beverages such as coffee, tea, and cola. Also, smoking and tobacco use can cause your teeth to become yellow or brown. Sometimes, poor oral hygiene can lead to discoloration. Or certain medications can trigger tooth discoloration. In some cases, tooth discoloration may indicate a sign of an underlying medical condition.

Trauma to a Tooth Triggers Discoloration

There are three primary reasons why trauma to a tooth can cause discoloration:

  • An injured tooth may respond by laying down dentin, which is darker than the tooth’s outer layer.
  • Blood can flood inside the tooth if it’s injured. As the blood breaks down, the tooth turns grey or black.
  • If the nerve inside the tooth dies due to trauma, the tooth can convert to grey or black.

Fixing a Discolored Tooth

Fortunately, you can fix tooth discoloration. However, the treatment varies on the cause of the discoloration. For instance, professional teeth cleaning or whitening treatment in Annapolis, MD, might be effective if the discoloration is due to external factors. Otherwise, other medicines may be necessary if the discoloration is due to internal factors like medication or an injury.

Moreover, one such treatment is tooth bonding discoloration. This involves placing a tooth-colored resin on the tooth and shaping it to enhance its appearance. Another dental option is a veneer, placing a thin shell over the front of the tooth to improve its appearance. In some cases, a crown may be necessary. For more information on these and other dental treatments, check out our website.

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