How to Cut Down on a Sugar Addiction

Say no to your sugar addiction and start improving your dental health!

Say no to your sugar addiction and start improving your dental health!

It’s a pretty well understood that sugar isn’t teeth’s greatest friend. Sugar-related dental problems remain one of the most widespread causes of poor oral health. Reducing the amount of sugar that’s in your diet will go a long way towards improving your overall oral hygiene. 

  • Watch out for hidden sugars. There are many alternative names for what is essentially just sugar, and it’s important to be able to recognize them. Keep an eye out for things like sucrose, glucose, fructose, maltose, molasses, hydrolysed starch and corn syrup.
  • Fat free isn’t always better. If you’re trying to lose weight, keep in mind that fat free products aren’t always a healthy alternative. Many times fat free products such as yogurts contain high levels of sugar instead.
  • Choose healthier snacks. If you’re someone who gets cravings and snack urges, try to keep healthier snacks on hand. A handful of nuts or a few carrots is better than a box of movie candy.
  • Watch your coffee order. These days, a lot of coffee shops offer super sugarfied beverages that are essentially just glorified milkshakes. Skip the whipped cream, double chocolate creme frappuccino or tiramisu latte. If you need a caffeine fix, stick to an Americano or espresso.
  • Eat foods fresh. You might think fruits like bananas and strawberries are healthy, but smashing them up in a smoothie releases the sugars and allows them to coat your whole teeth. Dried fruit is also a big no-no, as it can get right in those gaps between teeth, letting sugar have a lot of time to cause problems.
  • Moderate your beverage choices. Alcoholic drinks account for about 11% of daily sugar intake in the population. Cutting down on alcoholic drinks can have a big impact on overall oral health.
  • Set some ground rules. A good way to moderate one’s sugar intake is to set some very basic ground rules. Things like avoiding eating an hour before bed, and limiting dessert foods are a good idea.
  • Go to bed earlier. People who stay up late are less likely to brush their teeth before bed, and more likely to do some midnight snacking. Going to bed earlier will help you stay on track with good oral hygiene practices.


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