Dental Health: Preserve Your Teeth by Avoiding These Drinks

Dental Health: Preserve Your Teeth by Avoiding These Drinks

Cheers to your dental health!

When it comes to healthy teeth, there are certain drinks that can lead to problems you won’t want to deal with in the long run. In fact, simply avoiding certain drinks can help preserve and strengthen your teeth overall. Here are some of the most popular beverages you’ll want to avoid if you want to have strong and long-lasting healthy teeth. 


One of the worst drinks you can sip on when it comes to the health of your teeth is soda. In fact, the bubbles in soda can easily ruin your teeth. For many, soda is a staple. However, replacing soda with flavored water can help save your teeth and preserve them to ensure your oral health and hygiene is impeccable.


Another drink no-no for healthy teeth is that delicious cup of joe. We all know that coffee stains your teeth, but it can also worsen their health in the long run. Overall, coffee can affect your teeth in a variety of different stages. This means it takes a long time to even begin to see the radical damage that can result from drinking too many cups of coffee — your teeth will surely suffer as a result. 


Don’t confuse tea with coffee! Tea can also hinder the health and strength of your teeth, but for different reasons. In fact, tea can hinder the health of your teeth and oral hygiene because most teas can be considered astringents. As a result, they’ll erode the enamel of your teeth leading to more serious oral health issues down the line. 


Whether it’s a nice glass of wine at the end of the day or a chilled six-pack of beer, alcohol can have negative impacts on your teeth overall. In fact, drinking alcoholic drinks can end up wearing down all the enamel of your teeth, making them weaker and unhealthy overall. This doesn’t mean you should never drink alcohol altogether, but moderating your alcohol consumption will certainly provide you with a way to preserve your teeth over time. 


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