Easy Tips for Reducing Your Sugar Intake

Easy Tips for Reducing Your Sugar Intake

Your dentist can make plenty of great suggestions for how to eat better and reduce your sugar intake.

Although summer is still around for a few more weeks, autumn is approaching. The late summer and early fall are prime times of year for eating sugary foods. But if you’re worried about what all that sugar consumption could do to your teeth, you can rest easy. Here are some easy tips for reducing your sugar intake.

Get Help From Your Doctor

Your dentist can make plenty of great suggestions for how to eat better and reduce your sugar intake. Cutting down on the sugar in your diet doesn’t mean only listening to your dentist, however. You should also consult your regular doctor and get health advice from them. Your regular doctor could refer to you an endocrinologist. The endocrinologist can perform a variety of tests assessing your blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels. Then see a nutritionist. With further guidance from a nutritionist, you can design a healthier diet that is lower in sugar but is still full of interesting and fun flavors.

How to Eat Less Sugar

Added sugars are hard to stay away from – did you know that, according to a study conducted by the American Heart Association, most adults in America consume up to 22 teaspoons of added sugar in a single day? But there are ways to eat less sugar:

  • Read the labels: Read the labels and scan the lists of ingredients on your food. You may be able to avoid any added sugars just by eschewing products that contain far too much sugar in them, especially when it comes to finding any added sugars.
  • Choose sugar-free options: Whenever you can, you should opt for sugar-free or reduced sugar items. Going sugar-free is another easy way to avoid the added sugars that may be lurking where you don’t expect them.
  • Use other flavorings: Instead of using sugar for flavor, consider using other herbs and spices. Sugar and salt may taste great, but all things must be taken in moderation. With the right herbs and spices, you can still pack spectacular flavor into your meals without having to use too much at one time.

What to Have Instead

  • Drink water instead of soda: There’s fluoride in your tap water, so take advantage of it!
  • Choose nuts, fruit, or cheese: These are healthier options that can still satisfy your snack craving.
  • Don’t eat between meals: Acid from sugars can break down your teeth.


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