What You Should Eat After a Tooth Extraction Procedure

What You Should Eat After a Tooth Extraction Procedure

After a tooth extraction, go ahead and treat yourself to some ice cream!

Everyone knows that getting a wisdom tooth removed is a rite of passage. But sometimes, it’s not the wisdom teeth that need to go. Your teeth might be cracked, crooked, or too decayed to remain in your mouth. All dental procedures are anxiety-inducing, but they’re not as scary as you might think. No matter what tooth you had pulled, here’s what you should eat after a successful tooth extraction procedure.  

Ice Cream

Yes, you can go ahead and treat yourself. Just be careful if you happen to have particularly sensitive teeth. If your procedure happened over the summer, right now is still a fantastic time to enjoy all the ice cream you want. After all, even though the fall is about to begin, we’re still experienced summer-like temperatures here in Maryland. Ice cream is easy to eat even when your mouth hurts, and it can also help with the swelling. When you’re trying to decide what kind of ice cream to have, though, maybe put down that carton from your freezer; soft serve ice cream is best, as you won’t overtax your jaw. Avoid sprinkles or other toppings on your cold, creamy dessert, too. Even if you love ice cream cones, you’re better off getting your treat in a cup and eating it with a spoon.


If you decide to have soup, that’s a good idea too. But you should keep in mind that the soup you eat should be cold or lukewarm. Hot soup will aggravate the pain in your mouth. The nutrients and proteins in soup, especially homemade, should also help your mouth recover. Vegetables and noodles should be soft enough to handle, but maybe steer clear of meat and beans – they might be too tough to chew at the moment.


Fruits are another refreshing your choice, especially in late summer. Adding yogurt can infuse your beverage with even more calcium, protein, and probiotics. The more, the merrier!

Scrambled Eggs

If you’re in the mood for this breakfast classic, be sure to let it cool down first. They’re easy to chew, gentle on your teeth and gums, and are bursting with protein.

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