Emergency Dentistry FAQs: Are Knocked-Out Teeth Lost Forever?

Emergency DentistryYou never expect it to happen until it does. You are playing baseball, hockey, football, or some other sport when you get hit in the mouth. You feel completely helpless as you watch one of your pearly whites fall to the ground, covered in blood. Oh no! What do you do now? Are knocked-out teeth lost forever?

Fortunately, most teeth can be reimplanted. While a severed root  experiences damage to blood vessels and tissue, the ligaments connecting the tooth to the bone can be re-formed. But, as they say, time is of the essence.

Saving Knocked-Out Teeth

  1. When you find the tooth, hold it by the crown, never the root.
  2. Do not try to scrape any dirt off the tooth or clean it. This can damage the tooth even further.
  3. Gently rinse the tooth using saline solution.
  4. If possible, try to place the tooth back in the socket.
  5. If you cannot place the tooth in the socket, put it in a container of saline or milk. Or, if you are in a pinch, you can hold the knocked-out tooth in your cheek.
  6. Head to the nearest dentist specializing in emergency dentistry.

Annapolis Dental Care, an Emergency Dentistry Specialist in Annapolis

Dr. Steckler and the emergency dentistry specialists at Annapolis Dental Care are here for you. We schedule early morning and evening appointments and maintain a well-supplied and well-equipped office, so we can get you in quickly and fix the problem right in our office. And, if your particular emergency takes more than one visit, we have many temporary solutions available that can stabilize your problem and reduce your pain until we see you again.

If you are looking for an Emergency Dentistry Specialist in Annapolis, or if you wish to schedule an appointment, please contact Annapolis Dental Care by calling (410) 267-0766 or visit AnnapolisDentalCare.com today! You can also follow Annapolis Dental Care on FacebookTwitter, and Google+.


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