Examples that Guarantee Tooth Extraction

annapolis dental care Guarantee Tooth Extraction

Annapolis Dental Care identifies examples that guarantee tooth extraction and how your smile can benefit.

Your oral health is essential to maintain, and you may believe you have nothing to worry about because you brush and floss daily. In reality, many factors can negatively impact your oral health. The last thing you want to experience is the loss of one of your permanent teeth. But sometimes, this may be the only option to save your oral health overall. In today’s article, Annapolis Dental Care identifies examples that guarantee tooth extraction and how your smile can benefit.

A Threat to the Neighboring Teeth

Nobody would choose to lose a permanent tooth if there were other alternatives. Unfortunately, many people don’t have that choice. A dental infection (decay) is often the primary cause of tooth loss. And it can happen simply without the individual knowing there is a problem. In addition, bacterial infections happen on a microscopic level. The person doesn’t recognize something isn’t right until the infection has spread inside a tooth and damages the sensitive nerves. This may guarantee tooth extraction.

When your tooth is infected, it will also impact the surrounding healthy teeth. Plus, your Annapolis dentist might recommend a dental extraction to solve the concern at its root. Call us today for details about this extraction and how our staff can assist.

Affects Your Oral Function

Besides the threatening neighboring structures, your dental practitioner might guarantee tooth extraction if your tooth begins to affect your functional capabilities significantly. For instance, a tooth that is decaying will target your sensitive nerves, and you will experience sensitivity, discomfort, and pain when you’re trying to complete tasks such as chewing, eating, or biting. A dental extraction might be the only option to consider when an infection is highly damaging or affecting this process.

Your Tooth is Beyond Saving

A tooth that is beyond saving will guarantee tooth extraction. An infection is able to spread until it compromises the tooth. Once it has arrived to the point of no return, it’s even worse to allow the decaying structure to remain than to remove it and replace it with a restoration or artificial tooth.

Learn more about the times in which a tooth extraction can benefit your oral health, and book your next appointment with us by contacting us at (410) 267-0766.


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