Good Dental Health Tips for Valentine’s Day

Basket of SweetsOne of the first things you think of when Valentine’s Day comes around is candy. Whether you’re a fan of chocolates or candy hearts, your teeth are bound to take a beating. Your little ones are going to be filling up their boxes with valentines and candy, and you should know how to protect their teeth as well. This February 14, make sure to maintain good dental health.

Be choosy with your sweets

When it comes to your teeth, not all sweets are created equal. Many people reach for hard candies and gummies on Valentine’s Day, but these can be damaging. When you suck on a hard candy you dissolve the sugar. The sugar mixes with your saliva and has incredibly easy access to your precious teeth. You’re basically coating your teeth with a nice, thick layer of sugar.

Look for items that have lower sugar content, or can easily be rinsed away. If hard candy is your favorite and you must indulge, drink water while you eat it. This will help clean away the sugar and give it less time to act on your teeth.

Gummy candies aren’t your best option either. In fact, any sticky treat is going to be pretty hard on your teeth. These treats plaster themselves to your teeth and it can be tough to make sure you remove it all. The leftover sugar can hide in the nooks and crannies of your teeth promoting decay.

Cheap chocolates can also be much worse for your teeth than their pricier counterparts. Chocolate that comes in bulk and tastes cheaper often has less real chocolate in it. The difference is made up with oil and extra sugar. More sugar means more tooth decay. Higher grade chocolates, like those found at boutique stores, are a better choice for your teeth. If chocolate is your favorite, try to stick with chocolate covered things like nuts and pretzels. These are sweet in their own right, but have less sugar and more abrasive textures that can help brush some of the sugar off of your teeth.

Practice good preventative dentistry

The best thing to do at the end of a sugar-filled day is to maintain your good practices. It is especially important to brush and floss your teeth before you head to bed so that sugars don’t have eight uninterrupted hours of access to your enamel.

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