Got Damaged Teeth? You Might Have a Cracked Molar

Got Damaged Teeth? You Might Have a Cracked Molar

If you think you have a cracked molar, it’s time to stop in and see your friendly dentists here at Annapolis Dental Care.

Are your teeth damaged in any way? You might not only have to worry about plaque and tartar. While you might not realize it, you could have a cracked molar hiding somewhere in your mouth. This condition can be unspeakably painful, especially since your molars are vital tools for chewing correctly. If you think you’ve cracked a molar, it’s time to stop in and see your friendly dentists here at Annapolis Dental Care.

Before Your Appointment

You might not even notice any cracking in your teeth, let alone in your molars. Why might this be the case? One explanation is that you might experience negligible amounts of pain. If you enjoy drinking tea, coffee, or hot chocolate to chase away the early winter chill, your cracked molars might be more sensitive to these beverages. Take note of where any pain radiates from, so you can inform your dentist once you come in for your appointment.

What About Smaller Cracks?

Not all cracks in your teeth are immediately visible or even noticeable. If the crack in your cracked molar is small enough, then we can determine that during your visit. You may not even need any drastic treatment solutions. All the same, you should stick to a careful regimen of responsible tooth care. Some smaller cracks are to be expected in the average adult tooth. These so-called craze lines are aesthetic issues but can be removed easily enough by your dentist.

Cracked Molar Treatment Solutions

Your enamel is a crucial part of protecting the inner layers of your teeth. However, cracked molars can create even more problems if the gaps become infected. Professional dental intervention might be your only recourse if something has gone wrong in your mouth. For instance, you might have to endure anxiety-inducing procedures such as root canals, crown insertions, or a tooth extraction. These are all desperate measures, but can be easily avoided with enough patience, self-discipline, and staying away from harder foods and cutting back on damaging habits such as grinding your teeth.


Whether you need a tooth extraction or just want to get a dental health check-up, Annapolis Dental Center has the expertise and compassion to work with you to improve your oral health and get you smiling again. Your comfort and health are our top priorities, so we go above and beyond to make our patients happy with the services that they receive. To set up your appointment today, give us a call at (410) 571-5014 or visit us online. For more oral health tips for you and the whole family, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and check us out on Yelp!


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