Grinding Your Teeth? A Night Guard Could Be the Answer!

Do you wake up every morning to an aching, sore jaw? One potential cause behind this could be teeth grinding: you clench your jaw during sleep and grind your teeth together, overworking the jaw muscles and potentially doing damage to your teeth and mouth. So what causes teeth grinding, and what can be done to deter it and improve your overall dental health? Read on to find out!

teeth grinding What are the Causes of Teeth Grinding?

Many people attribute teeth grinding (also known as bruxism) to external factors, such as stress or anxiety. However, while these certainly can be contributors, teeth grinding is more often than not a result of something going on inside your mouth: crooked teeth, and abnormal bite, or misalignment. Because teeth grinding is a dental health issue related to other problems with your mouth’s health, it is important to address and correct both.

 What Problems Can Teeth Grinding Cause?

On top of the issues that are at the root of your teeth grinding problem, sustaining the behavior over a long period of time can lead to even more serious dental problems. A common result of teeth grinding is wearing down and fracturing of the teeth, necessitating additional corrective procedures such as having bridges, crowns, or implants put it, or even having a root canal performed.

 How Can My Annapolis Dentist Help Correct My Teeth Grinding Problem?

There are many ways to correct and treat a chronic teeth grinding problem. One of the most effective ways is by using a night guard. Night guards work while you sleep to fix your bite and prevent your from grinding your teeth together; as a result, your jaw will experience less pain, and your teeth will stay healthy and intact! Your Annapolis dentist can ensure that your night guard is properly fitted to your mouth for maximum comfort and effectiveness, and you will soon see the transformative powers it has to fix your teeth grinding problem!

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