Healthy Candy Suggestions from your Annapolis Family Dentist

Healthy Candy for your TeethWe’ve been preaching the importance of oral hygiene to you for a good while now, and you know that it is especially important around the holidays. We also know that you are, inevitably, going to be eating at least SOME sweets this holiday season. Did you know that some candy/sweet food is better for your teeth than others? At Annapolis Dental Care, we want you to know what the best sweet treats are to keep your teeth as healthy as possible over the course of the next few months. Check out our healthy candy suggestions and see if you guessed some of the candies on our list!

The Best

  • Sugar Free Candies – These will help spare you the cavities and a disapproving look from your Annapolis family dentist. While being sugar free and healthier all around, they also stimulate saliva which helps avoid dry mouth, and therefore plaque build up. Try a sugar free lollipop or hard candy. Make sure you aren’t biting them, though!
  • Sugar Free Gum – Seeing a sugar free pattern here? We’ll break it on the next candy, but sugar free gum is a plus. It helps remove food particles from your teeth and stimulates saliva, similar to the sugar free candies!
  • Dark Chocolate – Who knew that it could be so delicious and healthy? It turns out that the antioxidants in dark chocolate are good for your heart and blood sugar. Keep in mind that dark chocolate DOES have sugar, though, so eat in moderation.

The Worst

  • Sugary Treats – Given that they are the opposite of sugar free, the have about the opposite effect. Too much sugar can cause tooth decay. Avoid anything with really high sugar content.
  • Chewy and Sticky Sweets – The problem with these sweets is that they can get stuck in your teeth and cause decay. Saliva has a hard time getting rid of them. Even though taffy, gummies, and dried fruit are good, they should be avoided or eaten in moderation.
  • Sour Candies – High acid levels are bad for tooth enamel. They can eat away at it and reduce it severely. The one good thing about sour candies is that the mouth will restore the acid levels within about 30 minutes. If you eat acidic candies, make sure that you wait to brush your teeth so you’re not spreading the acid!

Even if you are taking our healthy candy suggestions, make sure that you visit your Annapolis family dentist at the end of the holidays for a good checkup and cleaning!

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Source: The Best (and worst) Candy for Your Teeth

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