How Can Invisalign Treat Your Teeth?

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To qualify for Invisalign, you must meet several qualifications.

Invisalign is an all-around orthodontic treatment that can correct most problems with your smile’s alignment. Invisalign is also commonly used to close gaps and correct teeth that are slightly crooked or crowded. Also, Invisalign can provide you with a healthier smile by shifting your teeth. Keep reading to learn more about how Invisalign can treat your teeth.

Invisalign or Metal Braces?

These clear braces can also treat uneven teeth and help correct minor bite and jaw alignment issues. However, it’s limited when it comes to significant orthodontic problems. In addition, Invisalign might not be the right choice for you if you have severe issues such as crooked or crowded teeth, uneven teeth, or teeth with large gaps.

In contrast, traditional metal braces are powerful when treating severe orthodontic problems, so they might be ideal, depending on the results of your cosmetic dentistry consultation at Annapolis Dental Care.

Cost & Payment of Invisalign vs. Braces

Furthermore, the cost of braces and Invisalign is comparable. You’ll typically pay about the same price for each treatment. Nonetheless, every patient has unique dental issues that can impact the cost of treatment with both Invisalign and braces. To determine the cost of your unique treatment, a dental practitioner at Annapolis Dental Care must examine your teeth.

Will Invisalign Help You?

To qualify for Invisalign, you must meet several qualifications:

  • First, you must have excellent oral health. There should be no decay or damaged teeth and gum disease. Before you undergo Invisalign treatment, you should treat any significant oral health issues.
  • Additionally, you should not have serious orthodontic problems. Invisalign is a quick, brace-free option for patients with minor dental problems. It’s not ideal for treating prominent crowded or crooked teeth, uneven teeth, or teeth with large gaps.

If you believe you may meet these qualifications, the next step is to schedule a dental appointment at Annapolis Dental Care. A doctor will examine your mouth and determine if you are an excellent candidate for treatment at our office.


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