How to Keep Your Teeth White After Whitening?

Teeth whitening

With proper dental care, your teeth will stay white after our teeth whitening service.

Whether you receive in-office whitening treatments or do it yourself at home, you likely put a lot of time, money, and effort into keeping your teeth white and your smile healthy and beautiful. After whitening, you probably also want to know what you can do to make your teeth white on a long term basis. With these tips in mind, you will be prepared to care for your teeth post whitening. 

Daily Care To Clean And Brighten Teeth

Brushing and flossing every day, as well as maintaining a regular oral health care routine, will work wonders toward keeping your teeth white, healthy, and stain free. Using a toothpaste that helps to fight stains and yellowing will also help the effects of tooth whitening last longer. Toothpaste with fluoride also strengthens enamel and toothpaste with silica lift stains. All of these are excellent for the overall health of your teeth. Rinsing with water after meals or drinking tooth-staining beverages such as coffee or wine will also serve your teeth well. Feel free not to only brush your teeth in the morning and at night. After meals, or consuming particularly sugary treats can also be helpful in maintaining the effects of tooth whitening.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly

While there is a lot you can do at home and incorporate into your daily routine to keep teeth white, regular dental checkups are key to maintaining a healthy and beautiful smile. Your dentist can polish away surface stains when then clean your teeth, which helps to prolong the whitening effects of bleaching without having to use more and more bleach. They can also spot any small problems long before the become big issues, and help you maintain a healthy and bright smile that fully benefits from tooth whitening. Stains can return over time due to certain habits, and your dentist can help you manage stains in a safe way that does not do unnecessary damage to your teeth.   

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