Do You Need a Dental Night Guard?

Do You Need a Dental Night Guard?

That’s part of the reason why your dentist might recommend a dental night guard as a potential solution.

When you’re frustrated, you probably do things like chew on your nails, pull on your hair, and grind your teeth. All three of these habits are bad for you, but chewing on nails and grinding your teeth are especially bad for your dental health. That’s part of the reason why your dentist might recommend a dental night guard as a potential solution.  

You Have Options 

First of all, you should know that you have some options at your disposal. Although dental night guards from your dentist tend to be expensive, one advantage is that they are custom made for you. Since they are made to fit on your teeth, they will be the most comfortable option for you. Night guards may not be too fashionable, but they do the job of protecting your teeth when you’re asleep. Night guards you can buy at the grocery store pharmacy section are bound to be a lot cheaper than professional ones, but they also run the risk of being more uncomfortable because they are mass-produced and not aligned with your teeth. This continues the problem of teeth grinding and there’s no barrier, which leads to further health problems that can go beyond dental and oral health to affect your overall well-being. 

Consequences of Tooth Grinding

Tooth grinding can damage your teeth in unsightly ways. For one thing, they could become chipped and cracked from long term exposure to all of that pressure. You will both feel and see how much of a difference it makes in your teeth’s appearance and how much it can impact your smile – more reasons why you could need a dental night guard. 

Too Much Grinding 

Let’s close by looking at what too much grinding can do. Since your teeth wear down, they are more sensitive to temperatures of hot and cold, which will affect your ability to enjoy food and drink in hot summer weather. Nerve pain, receding gums, and lost teeth are all possible side-effects as well. Getting a dental night guard can help prevent these problems from manifesting. 


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