All You Need to Know About Baby Teeth

All You Need to Know About Baby Teeth

If you’re a first-time parent or aren’t familiar with child care, you might not know everything you need to about baby teeth.

Is your child teething? What if your child is a little bit older and just lost their first tooth? If they come to you with a loose tooth, it’s time to teach them about the tooth fairy. But if you’re a first-time parent or aren’t familiar with child care, you might not know everything you need to about baby teeth. Feeling curious? Read on to find out more.

When Baby Teeth First Appear

Did you know that even before your child is born, they’ll start growing their first teeth? Once your baby has joined you in the world, you won’t notice their teeth. Although this the case, their  teeth are still waiting to sprout. Six to eight months later, these baby teeth will make their first appearance. Once your child has eight teeth, four on top and four on the bottom, they should be ready to eat a wider variety of foods, such as crackers, meat, veggies, and fruit.

How Your Child Develops Teeth

Growth takes time. Once your child has gotten old enough, they’ll start growing more teeth, such as molars. Two sets of molars are the last of the baby teeth, with the third group of molars set to come in later in life. These molars are known as the wisdom teeth. Teething pain happens with the growth of new teeth. To help with the pain, trying teething rings or cold foods like popsicles.

Taking Care of These Teeth

Although baby teeth are meant to be replaced by other teeth later on that doesn’t mean you can’t take care of them. If baby teeth fall out too early, it could interfere with the development of speech and eating habits. Brush these teeth gently and carefully, and don’t be too rough with them. There are special types of toothpaste and toothbrushes designed for baby teeth, too.

When Newer Teeth Show

Eventually, the baby teeth will drop out of your child’s mouth. You won’t need to remove them yourself or go to the dentist. However, if the teeth are too loose they might pop out while your child is asleep. If that’s the case, you should extract them before bedtime. By the time your child enters puberty, all their baby teeth should have fallen out.


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