Quit Your Soda Habit with These Alternatives

soda alternative

Green Tea is a healthy, flavorful soda alternative.

When it comes to dental health, a healthy diet is essential. Unfortunately, the sugar and acidity in soda makes it a very teeth unfriendly beverage. Replacing soda in your diet with a healthier option can help keep your teeth in better shape. So what are your choices? Here are just a few of the best soda alternatives to help you satisfy your sweet tooth while maintaining a beautiful smile.

Spruced Up Water

Water doesn’t have to be boring. Add some fruit or veggies to give your water some flavor while avoiding too much sugar or artificial sweeteners. Remember, fruit juice can be just as harmful to your teeth as soda. Diluting your fruit juices with water is another great way to cut down on sugar. If it’s the carbonation you’re missing, seltzer water is a great way to satisfy the craving. Keep in mind though that the acidity in carbonated beverages is still harmful to your teeth, so drink in moderation!

Green Tea

Did you know that green tea can actually promote teeth and gum health? Green tea is rich in antioxidants and provides many health benefits, such as reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease, hypertension, kidney stones and even cavities. Green tea comes in many different varieties, so you can rest assured there’s a flavor you’ll enjoy. Add a drop of honey for some natural sweetening.

Veggie Juice

Vegetable juice contains significantly less sugar than fruit juices, and is a great low calorie way to get your vegetable nutrients. Vegetable juices are easy to make at home with a juice, and you’d be surprised how tasty some of them are. For a little kick, add some black pepper or a drop of hot sauce.

Milk or Soy

Milk is a healthy, tasty alternative to soda that packs a bunch of nutrients. Milk has calcium and casein in it, which will strengthen your teeth from tooth decay. The sugar found in milk is lactose, which produces less teeth harming acids than normal sugars. For the lactose intolerant, soy milks are a great low calorie option that come in a variety of flavors.

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