Reasons Why People Avoid Visiting the Dentist

annapolis dental care people avoid visiting the dentist

Many people avoid visiting the dentist for several reasons.

If you constantly put off scheduling a dental visit, you’re not alone. Many people avoid visiting the dentist for several reasons. Fortunately, Annapolis Dental Care caters to cowards. Please book your appointment with us today by calling 410-267-0766!

“I’m Worry About Safety”

Many people put off visiting the dentist due to COVID-19. They stress about receiving the virus during their dental visit. Even though dental offices are safe, most people worry. In every state, dental facilities follow safety guidelines pointed out by their local health departments. Additionally, they practice disinfecting and cleaning procedures, according to the American Dental Association.

During dental appointments, your dentist at Annapolis Dental Care wears protective gear. They also clean dental chairs and equipment and disinfect all dental tools after each patient visit. You can rest assured that you will receive the best-personalized attention you deserve with us.

“I’m Scared to Visit the Dentist”

Most people avoid visiting the dentist because they are anxious and scared. They dislike the odors and noises in the dental office. Also, they worry about the pain from cleaning their teeth. Overall, they stress about issues the dentist might encounter during the oral examination. And they don’t want to receive a lecture about their poor dental health. In addition, some patients have had bad experiences with dentists.

However, the team at Annapolis Dental Care understands your fears. It would help if you spoke with us about your expectations and concerns. There are multiple things your dentist can do to create a soothing visit.

“It’s Probably Expensive”

People might put off visiting the dentist due to the cost. Although most employees have access to dental benefits via their employer, others don’t have dental insurance. This group includes people who work for a small business, are self-employed or are retired. People without dental insurance coverage can receive individual dental coverage. Also, they can purchase the plans online through a reputable carrier.

Ultimately, the ideal way to save costs on dentistry is for people to take care of their teeth. This includes brushing twice daily, flossing between their teeth daily, and using a mouth rinse without alcohol. Since your smile is crucial to us, we offer CareCredit®, a financing option that provides patients with up to $25,000 to pay for dental treatment costs.

“I Don’t Have Time”

Lastly, some people avoid visiting the dentist because they don’t have time during the day. However, it would be easier to schedule a dental appointment if they see a dentist near their work or by their house. Many employers allow their staff to schedule dental appointments on their way to their job or by their homes.

Feel Confident About Your Oral Health with Annapolis Dental Care

Whether it’s a regular check-up you need or a tooth extracted, your dentist in Annapolis is here to serve! Annapolis Dental Care has the expertise and compassion to work with you on improving your oral health. Your comfort and health are our top priorities, and so we go above and beyond to make our patients happy and give them the highest quality care. To set up an appointment today, please give us a call at 410-571-5014 or visit us online. For more oral health tips for you and your family, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube! We are always looking for new patients, so if you live in Arnold, Annapolis, Anne Arundel County, MD, come on down!

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