Routine Preventive Care

It’s that time: the New Year. This is when we all make resolutions about our health and our appearance. Dental cleanings can help you work on both at the same time. Everyone wants to have a whiter, brighter smile. Make a resolution this year to have your teeth cleaned at least twice by your Annapolis family dentist. Not only is a teeth cleaning good for your oral health and hygiene, but it can also help you stay healthier overall. If you haven’t had a preventive teeth cleaning a while, here is what you can expect.

  • Diagnostics – Your dentist will go over any changes in your medical history that could have an effect on your oral heath. You may also be scanned for oral cancer, gum disease, and decay so your dentist knows what type of approach to take.
  • Preventive Service – Your Annapolis family dentist will remove plaque and tartar build up from your teeth, as well as basic stains. A fluoride application may be done, especially if you don’t have any fluoride in your tap water. Your teeth will be polished at the end, including your fillings and crowns.
  • Education – If you haven’t been attending to your teeth like you should be, chances are your Annaplis family dentist will talk to you about what you can do for preventive maintenance at home. This may include a lesson on brushing and flossing, better nutrition for your teeth, and the ability to better self-evaluate your oral care. Your dentist may also talk to you about quitting smoking or other tobacco products to lessen your chances of developing oral cancer.

Let the new year be the start of a new you. See your Annapolis family dentist ASAP to get your teeth cleaned and find out more about preventive cleanings!

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