Show Your Teeth Some Love This Valentine’s Day!

Show Your Teeth Some Love This Valentine’s Day!

Remember, after you enjoy chocolate or other candies, don’t forget to show your teeth some love, too.

Valentine’s Day is next week! Have you gotten an indulgent treat for your sweetheart yet? Remember, after you enjoy chocolate or other candies, don’t forget to show your teeth some love, too. Here is some of our best advice to keep in mind while you enjoy this special day with someone you love.

Enjoy the Day

If you are sharing some hard candies, be careful not to crunch on them. Instead, let them sit in your mouth and slowly melt or dissolve. You might also enjoy candy besides the stereotypical box of chocolates – perhaps some strawberry bonbons or sour cherry chews, too. Either way, they’re bound to be full of sugar. No matter what your choice is, be sure to remember that the acid can affect your teeth, plus the metal and rubber bands of any braces your children might have.

Take Care of Your Teeth

Once you’re done having fun, it’s time to pay some extra attention to the condition of your teeth. Don’t overlook or ignore how important it is to brush your teeth and then floss. While you should do this after every meal, when there’s a lot of sugar in your snacks this becomes even more crucial. Make sure you get every spot in and around your teeth, along with your gums, your tongue, and any implants you might have in your mouth. Speaking of chocolate, try to select higher quality chocolate. After all, no matter how dark or bitter this chocolate is, the higher cocoa content means it doesn’t need as many other extra ingredients that might harm your teeth and your overall health more than you might realize.

How should you go about brushing your tongue? This question has to do with a technique that you don’t often think about, after all. Start from the front and move to the back, and then from the end, return to the front. Then when you start feeling hungry again, choose some healthy snacks or munch on some veggies that can help restore the enamel on your teeth. And if you’re overdue for a dentist’s appointment, then it’s time you should book one.


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