Time for a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is a common dental technique, usually used when a tooth is beyond saving by means of a root canal or other methods. While no one likes getting teeth pulled, be glad that should the need arise, you live in the 21st century and can go to a licensed dentist such as this Annapolis dentist for the procedure. If this were the 17th century, first of all you wouldn’t be reading this because the Internet did not exist. Secondly, if you had a tooth that needed to be extracted you would go to the barber, who hung rows of rotten teeth outside his shop to advertise the fact that he was also proficient in tooth extraction. His technique involved tying a string around the tooth and then pulling the string at a nice even pace (read: ripping the tooth out of its socket). These days we have things like anesthesia, and we don’t use strings. Now that tooth extraction doesn’t seem so bad, here are a few reasons you may need one.

Too Far Gone

Sometimes teeth are just too damaged by decay, infection, or trauma to be worth saving. In this case, it’s easier just to remove the tooth. Decay and infection are the reasons for about 70 percent of tooth extractions. Gum disease can compromise the support the gum gives the tooth and leave no option other than extraction. Did you brush and floss today?

Crowded Out

For those with smaller mouths, sometimes there is just not enough room for all of your teeth to fit comfortably in there. Tooth removal can free up space and ease the pain of crowding. Sometimes tooth extraction is necessary prior to orthodontic procedures such as getting braces. In rare cases, baby teeth that never fell out will be removed to make room for permanent teeth. Wisdom teeth are also common subjects for extraction, vestiges of a time when the human mouth was larger, able to accommodate more teeth, and apparently more intelligent as well.


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