Tooth Extraction in Annapolis

extraction annapolisEver heard the expression “It’s like pulling teeth?” Most people hear it and associate it with something that’s really difficult. Overall, pulling teeth isn’t too difficult but it’s something that we like to avoid in the world of dentistry. If we have to extract a tooth, it usually means that there isn’t anything else we can do to make you comfortable or fix the tooth in question. There are a few different reasons that we perform extractions.

Why pull the tooth?
Nobody likes having their teeth pulled, so we only do it in extreme circumstances. If your mouth is too crowded and needs a little extra space, we’ll occasionally pull. We also perform extractions on teeth that are severely decayed or are infected. If an infection in your tooth is not treated or if the tooth isn’t pulled, the infection can easily spread to other parts of your body and wreak havoc. Another reason for extraction is gum disease. Your teeth may become loose because of unhealthy gums; sometimes an extraction is for the best in this case.

How is an extraction done?
If you choose Annapolis Dental Care, Dr. Steckler will start by numbing the area around the tooth. If you’re uncomfortable with the dentist, you can also talk him about what type of sedation dentistry is right for you. It’ll take the stress and fear out of the extraction appointment. After the area is numb and you’re comfortable, Dr. Steckler will begin to cut the gum area in order to access the tooth and make sure that the whole thing comes out. He’ll then perform the actual extraction. A blood clot will form and you’ll have to spend some time biting lightly on gauze to help the bleeding stop. At this point, Dr. Steckler may add some stitches that will dissolve in a few days – weeks.

What should I expect after?
You’ll likely need someone to drive you home. Spend about a day after the extraction resting to avoid having it start bleeding again. Try to eat soft foods. You’ll also want some kind of pain killer. Your dentist may prescribe one or you can ask about the best over the counter medication to help you deal with the healing process. Ice will help with the swelling and will also aide with keeping the pain to a minimum. You’ll be able to resume your normal brushing and flossing routine within a day or so. You may also need a follow up in a few weeks or so to talk about getting a bridge or an implant.

At Annapolis Dental Care, we cater to cowards. We know that an extraction can be scary. It’s important to us that you’re as comfortable as possible during the process. The longer you wait to take care of something, the worse it will get and the more pain you’ll be in. Don’t delay; talk to us about sedation dentistry for your Annapolis tooth extraction.

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