Top 5 Reasons to Get Professional Teeth Whitening

Many times, what people will notice about you when you first walk into the room is your smile. Why wouldn’t you want a great, professionally whitened smile? Professional teeth whitening will give you a newfound boost of confidence and get you ready to face the world! If you’re looking for some of the top reasons to get your teeth whitened right now, look no further than Annapolis Dental Care.

  1. Spring Break is coming up. Many people go on vacation for spring break every year to tropical and exotic locales. Instead of worrying about what your smile looks like when you’re meeting lots of new people in the Bahamas or Mexico, get a professional teeth whitening before you go!
  2. 99.7% of people believe that your smile is an important social asset. That’s a very, very large number of people. You can only make a first impression once. Do it with a straight, white smile. It’s much easier to walk into a room knowing confidently that you have one of the best smiles in it.
  3. Kick start your career. In two months there will be a new group of college graduates ready to embrace the professional world. If you’re just starting out, you want to make a good impression on the person doing your interview, especially since there’s a chance that they’ll be your future boss. Don’t just settle for popping a breath mint before your interview; instead, make sure your teeth are fresh and white.
  4. Feel younger. Younger people have white teeth because they have had less time, coffee, and tea than the rest of us. As time goes on, you’re likely to drink more coffee (to get through college classes and work) and eat more foods that can stain your teeth. A professional teeth whitening will help you get your youthful smile back.
  5. Your Annapolis family dentist knows best. You could go out and get over the counter treatments, but they don’t work as well and you may not know exactly what you’re doing. The directions can be confusing and the chemicals can be harmful. Your dentist knows exactly what you need to safely whiten your teeth in preparation for spring!

Don’t hesitate to get your teeth professionally whitened. Give us a call ASAP and get ready to feel an immediate confidence boost!

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