What Do You Know About Dentures?

DenturesDentures have been a solution to teeth loss for decades. You’ve probably seen the commercials and jokes with the wind up dentures that never fail to bring out real smiles. How much do you actually know about dentures, though? You may find yourself needing them in the future, or even sooner than you think. Check out some information on dentures from your Annapolis Family Dentist.

Types of dentures

  • Complete dentures – If you no longer have any viable teeth, your dentist will likely recommend a complete set of dentures. When you get complete dentures, there is a specific way to go about it. Because your mouth is healing for about 8-12 weeks after all of your teeth have been extracted, you will first be fitted with “immediate dentures.” These will be temporary until your mouth heals entirely. At this point, you’ll be fitted for “conventional dentures,” which should be your permanent set.
  • Partial dentures – When you still have some viable teeth left, but not enough for full function, you may be fitted for partial dentures. These are also sometimes known as “bridges.” A bridge can either be permanent or removable, but is generally made to match your natural teeth and gums so that it blends in easily with the rest of your teeth. Partials also help to keep your existing teeth in place to help avoid more dental problems in the future.

Alternatives to dentures

  • Dental Implants – We also perform dental implants at Annapolis Dental Care. Implants more closely resemble your original teeth in both look and feel. Generally they will cost more and require an outpatient surgical procedure. However, if you’re interested in retaining the integrity of real teeth, implants may be a more comfortable route for you than traditional dentures.

Knowing about your oral health and the possibilities if oral health isn’t properly maintained, or if you’re prone to diseases in your teeth, is important. Know your options so that when/if the time comes, you’ll have a better-informed idea of what your next step will be.

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