What’s That Smell? 3 Common Causes of Bad Breath

When you’ve been consistently brushing and flossing yet still noticing bad breath, there might be a few root causes to blame.

Annapolis Dental Care knows how important routine dental appointments and consistent at-home oral hygiene practices can contribute to your overall oral health. When you’ve been consistently brushing and flossing yet still noticing bad breath, there might be a few root causes to blame. Annapolis Dental Care can help you address these top three common causes of bad breath to help you get your mouth happier & healthier. Read on to find out more!

Cigarette Smoking Contributes to Bad Breath

No matter how clean your oral hygiene habits are, cigarette smoking can ultimately contribute to consistently bad breath. When smoking a cigarette, the flavor of tobacco and additives inhaled into your mouth can leave a residue on your teeth that contributes to a bad odor. Additionally, this smoke can promote the growth of bacteria within your gums, which can lead to an unpleasant odor within your mouth. Consider quitting cigarettes if you want a fresher smelling mouth. 

Coffee, Pungent Food, and Alcohol

Surprisingly, America’s favorite beverage can contribute to bad breath. Coffee with it’s acidic aftertaste, pungent food (think garlic!), and alcohol can all cause a bad smell to emanate from your mouth. Alcohol and caffeine are both dehydrants that can lower the production of saliva within your mouth, which can increase your chances of smelly breath. Pungent food full of flavorful spices may be delicious to consume, but they can wreak havoc on your breath. Interestingly, pungent spices enter the bloodstream and are exhaled, which means that no amount of toothbrushing can eliminate the pungent odor from your mouth until your meal has been digested.

Respiratory Illnesses and Health Problems

Bad breath may also be a sign of a respiratory illness or ongoing health problem that hasn’t been addressed. For example, diabetes and liver problems can all contribute to a harsh odor within your mouth. It’s best to check with your doctor to run some lab work if all other causes of bad breath have been eliminated from your diet and you’ve stuck to your routine dental checkups with great oral health habits at home.


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