3 Tips for Keeping Your Teeth White

3 Tips for Keeping Your Teeth White

Let’s say that your latest round of teeth whitening treatments finally worked.

Let’s say that your latest round of teeth whitening treatments finally worked. After weeks and even months of anxiety about the way your teeth look, you have that pearly smile you’ve dreamed of for years. Now the challenge is to keep it that way. Here some tips for making sure that your teeth remain just as bright and shiny.

Watch What You Drink

Watching what you eat and what you drink helps you than just affecting your waistline. The food you enjoy and the drinks you consume every day will also leave stains on your teeth, especially if you like to add berries to your bowl of cereal or depend on coffee and tea to get you through your day at work. Even soda will do its part in dulling your white smile. Protect your teeth by making better choices about what you drink. Water is often the best choice, especially when you’re thirsty. If you can’t quit your habits, then at least reconsider how you sip. Using a metal straw can make a difference too, especially if you’re trying to break your reliance on plastic.

Stop Smoking

Tobacco use can ruin your teeth and make your breath smell worse. It also heightens the chances of gum disease and oral cancer. Stop smoking and quit dipping. When you smoke or use tobacco in any other way, you run the risk of turning your tongue strange colors. This tongue discoloration can cause you as much anxiety as yellow teeth can. Plus, your taste buds won’t be as effective, and you don’t want that to happen to you!

Choose a New Toothpaste

Choosing a new toothpaste can also help. If the toothpaste you use now doesn’t have enough fluoride in it, then you will want to swap it out for something else. Experiment with various and flavors until you find the one you like the best; there also brands of toothpaste that are specially formulated to help make your teeth look whiter than ever. Your teeth will feel polished and clean, and you can get rid of tough stains on your teeth that will make them look unhealthy.  


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