Can You Use Charcoal to Whiten Your Teeth?

Can You Use Charcoal to Whiten Your Teeth?

The charcoal you use on the grill is not the same kind you would use to whiten your teeth.

You may have tried everything to whiten your teeth. In some cases, you found that results may vary. In others, you didn’t like how it turned out – maybe you did get whiter teeth, but the effect was only temporary. The best way to get healthier teeth is to follow a regular routine of dental and oral health as recommended by your dentist. But that doesn’t rule out using charcoal. The only question is, does it actually work? Let’s find out together.

What Is In It?

When we talk about using charcoal as a method to whiten teeth, what we’re talking about is a charcoal-based toothpaste; you might think that because it is charcoal, it’s the same substance you would use for grilling hamburgers. That’s a common misconception since activated charcoal is more absorbent than regular charcoal.

A special gas treatment is used during production that creates the activation effect. Some other ingredients typically found in charcoal toothpaste include mint, coconut oil, and baking soda. Sometimes, you’ll come across examples of toothpaste without fluoride content just as easily as you can find ones with fluoride in it. And sometimes, it won’t even be the familiar toothpaste that you’re used to using, as it will be sold as a powder or chewable tablets instead.

Can It Work?

When it comes to using charcoal to whiten your teeth, the next question to ask is whether it works. Charcoal can indeed whiten teeth, but multiple scientific studies still haven’t uncovered how it does this. The uncertain effectiveness whitening mechanism means that there needs to be more research before any decisions can happen one way or the other. You’ll have to decide if you want to try whitening your teeth this way.

Can It Work For You?

Ultimately, this might not work for you. Seeing your dentist and asking them to apply whitening treatments might be a better course of action. Whitening your teeth will depend on what discolored your teeth in the first place. It could be something superficial, which will be easy to fix, or something more profound, that will require more specialized dental care and attention from our friendly in-office staff.


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