3 Varieties of Toothpaste: Which One Do You Need?

3 Varieties of Toothpaste: Which One Do You Need?

There’s more to brushing your teeth than having the right technique. You’ll also need to have the right toothpaste.

There’s more to brushing your teeth than having the right technique. You also need to brush several times a day for as long as you feel comfortable. You’ll also need to have the right toothpaste. Although there are many different flavors and types out there, you’ve got to decide which one is the right one.  

For Your Kids

Teaching your kids the way to brush their teeth is fundamental. Sometimes, they might not like how it tastes. Much like with mouthwash marketed to children, there are fun flavors of toothpaste, like grape, cherry, or bubblegum. You’ll find that toothpaste meant for younger brushers won’t have as much fluoride in it. In any case, try different flavors and brands until you find the right combination that encourages your child to brush their teeth as much as they can.

With More Fluoride

However, when you’re picking out a new tube of toothpaste, you might have different preferences. Choosing toothpaste with more fluoride in it shouldn’t be too difficult. This ingredient will help you fight the effects of tooth decay, as well as cavities. If you have broken teeth or your enamel has worn away, using a special toothpaste formulated with more fluoride may be the best for you. In fact, your dentist can prescribe you with toothpaste that you won’t find in the grocery store that should be better suited to help improve your dental health.

To Whiten Teeth

There could be dozens of reasons why you don’t like your smile: perhaps your teeth are too far apart, or they feature gaps from injuries sustained from sports or after-school activities. A third possibility is that you are feeling self-conscious about how white your teeth are. When you think this is the case, then experiment with whitening toothpaste. You won’t see results overnight, but if the prospect of using a home tooth-whitening product is too anxiety-inducing for you, this might be an option. Alternatively, you could talk to your dentist about professional treatments to whiten your teeth, but you might not be comfortable with paying for such procedures.  


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