Amalgam versus Resin Fillings: Which Will You Choose?

Filling options

Don’t settle for one type of filling materials. Let’s take a look at your options!

Due to advancements in medical and dental technology, dentists and patients have options when it comes time to choose the material for a filling. These choices include both resin and amalgam. These materials are commonly used in the back of the mouth, where the pressure from chewing is the strongest. To learn more about these options so you are prepared to handle your next filling.

The ABC’s Of Dental Amalgam

Most people will think of silver dental filling when considering amalgam.  Dental amalgam is actually a mixture of mercury, silver, copper, and tin. Mercury makes up about half of the compound and is the only element which can bind these metals together and be easily manipulated to fill a cavity. While it is cost-effective, popular, and stronger than resin, mercury has negative health effects which must be taken into account. It has been estimated that over a billion amalgam fillings are replaced every year.

Get To Know The Resin Composite Filling

This type of filling is made from ceramic and plastic compounds. As resin mimics the appearance of natural teeth, these fillings are commonly used in front teeth. While originally the resin filling was not strong enough to use on back teeth, where the pressure from chewing can crack fillings, in the past ten years technology has greatly improved.  

Why Dentists Often Choose Amalgam Over Resin Fillings

Since more durable resin fillings have only become available within the last ten years, the resin has yet to stand the test of time in a documented way, as amalgam has. The average lifespan of amalgam fillings is eight to ten years, however, many last twenty years or more. Amalgam also functions highly when placed in frequently moist areas of the mouth, such as molars or cavities below the gumline. While resin requires a specific environment in which to be placed, amalgam is far less finicky. The resin is also more expensive than amalgam and not always covered by different dental insurances.    

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