Annapolis Dental Care: Crowns and Bridges

Crown and BridgeAs with anything, sometimes our teeth just no longer work like they’re supposed to. The enamel can decay too much or enough damage can be caused that the tooth needs some help in order to keep functioning well. It’s also important to avoid the risk of a decaying tooth causing potential problems for the teeth around it. When this happens, crowns and bridges can be used to replace the parts of the tooth that are no longer functional but don’t require extraction. While there are other options for fixing the tooth, crowns and bridges have a number of benefits.

  • Thickness – Crowns resemble your actual tooth and are thick enough to feel and work like normal. When your tooth has decayed enough that you need the extra crown area on your tooth, you want the tooth to be more functional, comfortable, and natural feeling. Veneers tend to be thinner and more aesthetic, which makes crowns more ideal for repairing a tooth or in the case of a bridge, multiple teeth.
  • Easy Maintenance – There is very little maintenance required for your crown. Like the rest of your teeth, a crown requires consistent brushing and flossing to help keep it healthy and avoid any further deterioration of the tooth. For more on brushing and flossing techniques, check out our blog, “Caring for Your Teeth at Home.”  You’ll need a follow up appointment with your Annapolis dentist to make sure everything has set right, but other than that, you’ll just need to continue with your routine maintenance.
  • Natural Tooth – Rather than starting at the very beginning with implants, the crown is placed on your natural tooth to ease the process of getting it comfortably in your mouth. Providing the root of the tooth is healthy enough, you don’t have to deal with a potentially painful extraction procedure, either.  If you have lost a tooth entirely, a bridge can stand in for that tooth by “hooking” to the teeth around it, still allowing you to use what you already to have to fix the problem at hand.

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