Caring for Your Teeth at Home

Annapolis Family DentalHalloween may be over, but candy is still working its way into the mouths of parents and children alike. Cavities are a looming threat of this time of year since there are so many sweets consumed from Halloween through the holiday season. One of the best ways to prevent cavities from becoming a huge problem is to continue caring for teeth at home and using the proper brushing and flossing techniques. It is very important to observe routine oral health. As a family dentist, Annapolis Dental Care wants your whole family to know the proper techniques to keep your teeth healthy and shiny.

  • Brushing
    • Place your toothbrush at a 45 degree angle to your gums
    • Move the brush back and forth in tooth-wide strokes
    • Make sure you brush the outer surface, the inner surface, and the chewing parts of all of your teeth
    • Brush your tongue and the roof of your mouth as well to remove bad breath causing bacteria

You should always brush your teeth twice per day with a soft bristled brush. The size and shape of the toothbrush will depend on what you need to reach all areas of your mouth easily. You should replace your toothbrush every 3-4 months both for health reasons as well as to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your toothbrush. Always use an ADA accepted toothpaste, as well, or brushing your teeth loses its effectiveness. Your Annapolis family dentist can recommend the best toothpastes to you if you’re unsure.

  • Flossing
    • Use about 18 inches of floss wound around your middle fingers. You can take the floss up as it becomes dirty with one and keep it moving with the other.
    • Hold the floss between your thumb and pointer finger and glide the floss between your teeth. DO NOT SNAP IT IN.
    • Once the floss reaches the gum line, make the floss into a C shape against one of your two teeth and gently slide it up and down.
    • Repeat this with the rest of your teeth.

Children and adults will both benefit from a normal flossing and brushing routine, and your Annapolis family dentist will be happy to see that your teeth are healthy. Once a child has two teeth that touch, it’s time to start flossing for them and beginning to get them into a good oral health routine. Avoid cavities that come with the holiday season by caring for your teeth at home and receiving regular checkups.

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Source: American Dental Association


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