Your Annapolis Dentist Names Top Causes of Toothaches

From a sharp, stabbing pain to a dull throbbing to anything in between, toothaches come in many forms. And as many forms as they take, they have equally as many causes behind them. The key to successfully treating a toothache is identifying the reason you have it, and the best way to do this is by scheduling an appointment with your Annapolis dentist. Read on to find out more about what the top causes of toothaches are and how they can be treated!

toothache What Causes a Toothache to Occur?

 Your oral hygiene can have a great impact on whether or not you develop a toothache. Some of the main causes of toothaches are the result of poor oral hygiene, including:

Tooth decay. If your teeth have developed cavities or excessive amounts of decay, then they are likely going to begin hurting.

Gum infections. Proper oral hygiene includes taking good care of your gums, not just your teeth. Neglecting your gums can lead to infections that can spread to teeth, causing a toothache.

Dental emergencies and accidents can also lead to toothache in some cases, including:

Fractured teeth. A tooth broken due to impact can be extremely sensitive, leading to pain.

Filling damage. If the filling used to close up and support a tooth with a cavity is knocked loose or damaged in some way, this can cause the tooth to ache.

Last but not least, bad habits can lead to bad toothaches if you are not careful, including:

Tooth grinding. Grinding your teeth out of stress or as a habit during your sleep can wear down teeth and potentially cause a toothache.

Repetitive motions. Habitual gum chewers or people who bite their nails put the same kind of stress on your teeth over and over. With that wear and tear, a toothache is sometimes inevitable.

If you are suffering from a toothache, regardless of the cause, you need to make an appointment to visit your Annapolis dentist and put a stop to it as soon as possible!

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