Make Good Oral Hygiene Your New Year’s Resolution!

How did you welcome 2015 this week? In addition to the celebrations and champagne, many people ring in the New Year by setting new goals for themselves. These New Year’s resolutions can range from exercising more to getting a promotion at work to finding a new hobby and more, but one of the most common goals that people set is to lead healthier lives. A healthy lifestyle is comprised of many components, and one of them, notably, is having good oral hygiene. Good oral hygiene keeps your teeth and gums looking and feeling their best, and it is one of the easiest New Year’s resolutions to stick to if you are willing to put in the effort. Read on to find out your Annapolis dentist’s tips for establishing good oral hygiene in 2015!

 Good Oral HygieneBest Practices for Good Oral Hygiene from Your Annapolis Dentist

 In order to stay on track with your New Year’s resolution to have better oral hygiene, you should follow these tips from your Annapolis dentist.

  • Brush twice a day. You’ve heard this age-old tip before, but you’d be surprised how many people try to get away with skipping one of their daily brushings. Brush your teeth once in the morning (preferably after you have eaten your breakfast to get rid of food and coffee residue) and once at night after you’ve stopped eating for the day.
  • Don’t forget to floss! Flossing is another one of those often-forgotten dental hygiene practices. Flossing is especially helpful for maintaining healthy gums; it helps get rid of food particles that get buried deep beside gum tissue.
  • Replace your toothbrush. Your toothbrush, like any tool, will need to be replaced after a few months of wear and tear. At a minimum, replace your brush for every new season, making for 4 new toothbrushes a year. It’s a small investment to make for long-term good oral hygiene!
  • Quit smoking. In addition to all of its other negative health effects, smoking can spell big trouble for your teeth and gums. It can cause unsightly stains, as well as much more serious problems, such as gingivitis and oral cancers! Start the New Year out right by ditching the cigarettes and keeping your mouth healthy.
  • Skip the sticky stuff. Hard candies, taffies, and other gummy foods stick easily to the tooth’s enamel and cause plaque build-up. Excessive plaque build-up is the first step to developing cavities and other oral health issues, so avoid these foods as much as possible.

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