Can Food Fight Dental Decay? Ask Your Annapolis Dentist

You’ve probably gotten plenty of advice on what types of foods to avoid to keep your teeth healthy, and that list is quite a long one. Candy, coffee, breads- all of them are reported to be harmful to your overall dental health. But are there foods and drinks that are, in fact, good for your teeth? Read on to find out more from your Annapolis dentist!

dental decay What Foods Should I Eat for Good Dental Health?

 Certain foods have the capability to reduce bacteria growth in your mouth, and so it is important to try to incorporate them into your diet. Tea, though you may believe it has the same tendency to stain as coffee does, is filled with special compounds called polyphenols which can stunt bacteria growth and help prevent gum disease. Because of these bacteria-fighting compounds, tea can also help fight bad breath, making it a two-for-one beneficial drink for your teeth.

Foods that are rich in calcium, phosphate, and other vitamins are also extremely beneficial to your teeth. From milk to almonds to fish, the vitamins found in these foods work to help rebuild your tooth enamel when it is worn down by acids found in other types of food. The calcium, in particular, helps “fill in” the tiny pits created by acid wear, strengthening your smile and preventing further damage to it.

Craving something sweet? While sugars are generally considered bad for your teeth, there are some sweet treats that are perfectly fine to eat. Raisins, for example, have  a lot of natural sweetness, but do not contain added sucrose. Sugarless gum, too, can help satisfy your sweet craving without leading to dental decay.

To combat dental decay, another thing you can do is chew on crunchy, water-heavy foods such as apples, celery, and cucumbers. The excessive chewing you have to do to break down these foods in your mouth can help clean away some built-up plaque, allowing your teeth to remain bacteria-free.

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