Ask an Annapolis Dentist: How Does Coffee Harm My Teeth?

You know you need that morning jolt of joe or that late afternoon pick-me-up, but have you ever stopped to wonder what all of that coffee is doing to your smile? While the caffeine can benefit your energy level, the same cannot be said for coffee benefitting your teeth in the long run. Overindulging in coffee can dull and stain a formerly perfectly white smile, so what can you do to solve this problem? Read on for some advice from your Annapolis dentist.

coffee staining Teeth Stain Due to Coffee’s Acidity

 Your teeth have enamel that, while tough enough to stand up to most things, is vulnerable to staining and discoloration. Foods with dark pigments, such as berries, can lead to enamel stains, as can drinking coffee. Coffee is both dark and color and high in acidity, a combination that can wreak havoc on your white smile. The color itself can get embedded in the tiny grooves and pits within your teeth’s enamel, while the acids wear down the enamel and make it even more susceptible to further staining. Repeated and habitual coffee drinking over the years can permanently discolor your teeth, making them an unsightly shade of yellow instead of a brilliant, bright white.

 Undoing Years of Coffee-Drinking Damage

 If your years of coffee drinking have left you with a yellow smile, there is hope. While giving up coffee is the best way to prevent further damage, it will not magically undo the staining that has already occurred. To do that, talk to your Annapolis dentist about teeth whitening. Teeth whitening works to brighten your smile and lift out stains that have set deep in your enamel, even if they did not budge with daily brushing and flossing! There is a way to “reset” your smile with teeth whitening, and it is much more effective when done by your dentist than by those store-bought strips or gels. Get in touch with your Annapolis dentist today to learn more!

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