What Are White Fillings? Your Annapolis Dentist Explains

Cavities: You are encouraged all your life to take good care of your teeth in order to avoid them, but nevertheless, they sometimes happen all the same. It used to be that to treat your cavities, dentists would opt for the most common solution, an amalgam filling. But as these types of fillings become more and more outdated, what new treatments are now taking their place? Read on to find out more information from your Annapolis dentist.

white fillings The Downside of Amalgam Fillings

 You are probably familiar with the look of an amalgam filling. They are a dark, metallic gray in color, and because of this are often called silver or mercury fillings. The color alone is enough to make them noticeable, but there are other features of this filling type that make it stand out- for all the wrong reasons. They can crack and expand within the tooth itself, causing more damage than they were originally put in place to correct. It is no wonder that this type of filling has become increasingly outdated and replaced by newer solutions, such as white fillings.

 What Are White Fillings and Will They Work for Me?

 The term “white filling” refers to a number of different materials that your Annapolis dentist uses to fix issues such as cavities or chipped, broken teeth. These materials include substances such as resin, ceramic, and porcelain, all of which can be made to mimic the color and look of your natural teeth. The fact that white fillings blend in more easily is just one of their benefits; they also are much stronger than traditional amalgam fillings and can withstand years of wear without breaking or causing more damage to your tooth’s structure. A while filling could take the form of the filling for a cavity, the replacement structure for a decayed tooth, an inlay or an onlay, and more.

Discuss your options with your Annapolis dentist and see if a white filling may be the right choice for you!

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