Ask an Annapolis Dentist: Can I Have My Dental Bonding Removed?

annapolis dental care dental bonding removed

Do you want to get your dental bonding removed?

Are you interested in getting your dental bonding removed? Dental bonding does not require any of your natural enamel to be eliminated. Our knowledgeable team at Annapolis Dental Care is always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Also, we are here to help you understand your choices for cosmetic dentistry.

How Is My Dental Bonding Removed?

Dental bonding is typically removed with a type of sandpaper placed on a small, quickly-rotating disc. Your Annapolis dentist will use this special tool to eliminate all of the bonding material from your teeth. Fortunately, this additive treatment will not mess with your natural enamel.

Additionally, the composite material made of crushed glass and resin is applied to your tooth. Your dentist will shape this material until it appears similar to a part of your natural teeth. In contrast, veneers do require the removal of a thin layer of your enamel, so this process is not reversible.

Will My Smile Look Like They Used to After The procedure?

For the most part, your teeth will look like they used to before you had your dental bonding removed. However, they will likely not be bright since acid will be applied to your enamel surface before the dental bonding procedure. An experienced cosmetic dentist from Annapolis Dental Care will be able to remove the composite material and not damage your enamel.

Why Do You Want Your Dental Bonding Removed?

So, why would you want your dental bonding removed? Here are several reasons:


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