The Benefits and Drawbacks of Implants and Dentures

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This article discusses the pros and cons of implants and dentures.

If you are experiencing tooth loss, you might consider looking into implants and dentures as your options. We understand several restorative options are available and believe patient education is essential for determining the right treatments. So, it’s crucial to discuss the pros and cons of implants and dentures with your dental specialist.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that produce a strong foundation for artificial teeth known as crowns. Also, they can replace a single damaged or missing tooth or restore a natural smile. Overall, dental implants may be ideal for you:

· Implants have a 95% success rate.

· Dental implants act like natural teeth and don’t need special maintenance.

· Dental implants also maintain your facial structure and jawbones.

· In addition, implants allow your bone to continue growing and create more stabilization.

Moreover, some of their cons include:

· Dental implants are pricier than dentures.

· Most insurance might not cover implants because they are considered a cosmetic procedure.

· Not everybody qualifies for dental implants since they need healthy bones and gums to secure them correctly

to the jaw.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Dentures

Furthermore, dentures are removable, fake teeth fitted to a patient’s mouth. They are ideal for patients missing all teeth in their lower, upper, or both jaws. In addition, partial dentures may be an option for patients who have fewer missing teeth. Ultimately, dentures may be right for you:

· Dentures are typically covered by insurance and less expensive than dental implants.

· Unlike implants, dentures are a great replacement option for patients with bone loss.

· Lastly, the procedure for dentures is non-invasive.

In contrast, dentures may not be for you:

· Since your gums and face structure change, denture replacements or adjustments might be necessary as you


· Additionally, dentures can feel bulky at first. So, some patients may experience difficulty chewing, increased

salivation, and difficulty speaking.

· Also, you must clean your dentures every day to prevent infection around your mouth and gums.

Next Steps

Overall, you should do thorough research on implants and dentures, just like any other healthcare decision. The best way to begin this action is to set an appointment with our office!


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