What Causes Your Teeth to Stain, and Is It Treatable?

annapolis dental care causes your teeth to stain

Do you know what causes your teeth to stain?

Have you ever wondered what causes your teeth to stain? And what is the solution to eliminating teeth stains? Not all stains are produced equally, and you should consider the source of your teeth discoloration when determining a teeth whitening solution. Let’s look into the various teeth stains and their treatments.

Extrinsic Tooth Stains

Extrinsic tooth stains occur on the surface enamel or outside of the tooth. Over time, the residue from any food or beverage with dark tannins consumed will build up and create a stain on your enamel. Examples of these foods and drinks include fruit juices, dark sodas, coffee, dark berries, pasta, and potatoes. Moreover, thinning enamel and porous teeth can most likely increase extrinsic stains.

Consider drinking potential stain-causing liquids through a stain to maintain your smile white. Also, rinsing your mouth with water after drinking will prevent teeth stains. Fortunately, extrinsic stains can be treated using routine dental cleanings and different teeth whitening products, like whitening toothpaste.

Intrinsic Stains

Intrinsic tooth stains happen when dentin, the sensitive part underneath your enamel, becomes stained. The common causes of why your teeth stains consist:

  • Excess fluoride consumption can produce brownish teeth staining.
  • Tooth decay typically begins where the tooth meets the gum and develops as a greyish-black color.
  • Also, doxycycline and tetracycline antibiotics have discoloring effects on children still developing teeth. In addition, some antipsychotic and antihypertensive medications are associated with teeth discoloration.
  • Moreover, the natural yellow color of the dentin reveals itself as we become older. Hard brushing also causes your teeth to stain.
  • Lastly, tooth trauma can cause your teeth to become discolored.

Since intrinsic stains exist on the deeper layer of the tooth, they may require extensive dental treatment like at-home tray-based whitening products or in-office whitening solutions.

Age-Related Staining Causes Your Teeth to Stain

Furthermore, age-related stains are produced due to extrinsic and intrinsic staining. So, more intensive teeth whitening techniques for intrinsic stains are ideal for aging teeth. It’s also essential to visit your Annapolis dentist for a professional cleaning every six months to eliminate stains that daily flossing and brushing can’t. If you want to find the source that causes your teeth to stain, Annapolis Dental Care can help!


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