Should You Consider an Annapolis Oral Surgery During Pregnancy?

annapolis dental care oral surgery during pregnancy

This article will go over whether it’s safe to undergo oral surgery during pregnancy.

Are you considering undergoing oral surgery during pregnancy? It’s crucial not to ignore your oral health during pregnancy. It’s been known that oral health complications have increased the risk of other significant health problems. This week’s article will go over this question in more detail. 

Is It Safe to Undergo Oral Surgery During Pregnancy?

In general, it’s not safe to undergo significant oral surgery during pregnancy. It’s essential that both the woman’s and her developing child’s health are protected. Moreover, oral surgery involves the use of heavy sedative drugs, which minimizes pain but can negatively affect the wellness of an unborn child. Much deliberation should be applied when performing any invasive dental procedure on a pregnant woman.

Furthermore, oral surgery during pregnancy is likely performed if she is in her first or second trimester. Other considerations include:

  • The nature of the surgical procedure
  • The necessity of the oral surgery
  • If the dental surgery can be postponed until after childbirth

Oral Surgery Before or After Pregnancy

In addition, it’s ideal to complete any major dental work before you actively try to become pregnant. Make sure to visit your Annapolis dentist if this is the case so you can address any wellness problems sooner instead of later. On the other hand, any dental procedure will be postponed until after the patient has given birth.  

The only exception that an oral surgery would be completed later in pregnancy is a prospective health threat to the mother. If this is the case, dentists and oral surgeons will take extra precautions during the dental procedure to minimize any probability of harm to the mother and her child.

Annapolis Dental Care During Pregnancy

Moreover, women should still complete their dental checkups during pregnancy. They should also be comfortable discussing any problems regarding dental wellness and dental care for their baby once they are born. Annapolis Dental Care will be happy to discuss these critical matters in greater detail during your dental visit.


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