5 Prevalent Reasons for a Tooth Extraction Procedure

Annapolist Dental Care Tooth Extraction Procedure

There are serious circumstances when a tooth extraction procedure is required to enhance the patient’s overall health.

A tooth extraction procedure in Annapolis is usually the last resort for dental practitioners out of all the dentistry options. However, there are severe circumstances when tooth extraction is required to enhance the patient’s overall health. Continue reading to verify if you need a tooth extraction procedure or other dental treatment. 


Also known as dental decay, cavities develop when plaque and tartar consume the dental enamel. Eventually, this will form holes in the tooth and expose the sensitive parts of the tooth. When patients visit the dentist at minimum once a year, the dental specialist will likely recommend repairing and restoring the affected tooth with a dental filling. Unfortunately, some patients seek treatment until it’s too late, and a tooth extraction procedure will be necessary to eliminate the pain and infection.

Periodontal Disease

Another primary cause of tooth loss is gum disease. The first stage of this inflammatory condition is gingivitis. The symptoms of gingivitis are typically bleeding gums, swollen gums, and persistent bad breath. Fortunately, gum disease is reversible at this stage with good oral hygiene. Without intervention, this painful condition will progress and destroy the gums and jawbone. It’s essential to seek an emergency dental provider to remove the tooth.

Teeth Impaction

Furthermore, a tooth extraction procedure must be completed anytime a tooth is impacted to eliminate the pain and minimize the risk of infection. An impacted tooth happens when one or more teeth will form sideways into the other teeth. The symptoms of an impacted tooth are swollen gums, shifting teeth, and pain and discomfort.

Overcrowded Teeth

Additionally, overcrowding happens when a person’s jaw isn’t sufficiently big to handle their permanent teeth. This will cause the teeth to erupt at various angles and overlap other teeth. Dentists will usually recommend a tooth extraction procedure before braces for patients who desire to straighten their teeth.

Trauma May Result in a Tooth Extraction Procedure

Lastly, a car crash, a sports injury, or even falling may result in tooth extraction. A tooth that’s harmed entirely down to the roots from trauma would require extraction so that the infection doesn’t grow and spread. In some cases, dental bonding or a dental crown can protect the natural tooth from bacteria by closing it.


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